Project Introduction

Our HMI Display, featuring a resolution of 320x240 pixels, is specifically tailored for Kitchen Hoods, offering an intuitive user interface that encompasses a comprehensive range of functionalities. This includes seamless airflow adjustment for optimal ventilation, an automatic cleaning mode for hassle-free maintenance, individual control over left and right motors for precise extraction, a cooking timer to ensure perfect results every time, and advanced lighting controls for enhanced visibility.

Moreover, the UI facilitates convenient time and date setting, allowing users to stay organized while cooking. A brightness adjustment feature ensures optimal visibility under various lighting conditions, while the screen-off option conserves energy and preserves the display's longevity. Together, these features deliver a streamlined and efficient user experience, making the kitchen hood not just a functional appliance but a true smart addition to any modern kitchen.

Demo Video

Widgets Introduction

The project consists of 15 pages. The widgets include buttons,digital clock, progress bar,slide menu,variable buttons,label,keyboard,GIFs, and more.


Project Download

GUI Demo for Kitchen Hood 320x240 (ZIP File 10.3M)