Payment Issue

Payment Issue - FAQs

  1. Why does PayPal keep rejecting my credit/debit card?

    If your credit/debit card is being rejected by PayPal with the message "The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number." it might be due to one of the following reasons:

    1. ◇  Your card is associated with a specific PayPal account, and you're not logging in with that particular account.
    2. ◇  Your card was associated with a PayPal account that has since been closed.
    3. ◇  You've linked the card to a PayPal account, but have not yet confirmed it.You've exceeded your card limit with the PayPal system.
    4. ◇  Your email address is raising a red flag in PayPal's system.
    5. ◇  Your browser is not accepting cookies.
    6. ◇  You should clear any existing cookies and try aga.
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  2. How to slove the warning message “ Last Name is required ”in checkout page ?

    The warning message " Last Name is required“ in checkout page is caused by your first name and second name fill in the same field. The solution is easy.

    • 1. Login to your account .
    • 2. Click Address Book on the left menu.
    • 3. Click Change Billing Address or Click Shipping Address.
    • 4. Fill the first name and last name in different field and save.

    Address Book

    Edit Address

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  3. Why did I get Error Code 10486 by Paypal Payment?

    When a buyer's funding source fails, the DoExpressCheckoutPayment call returns a 10486 error. If this error occurs, the buyer can return to PayPal where the buyer can add or choose an alternate funding source.

    A funding source might fail for these reasons:

    1. ◇  The billing address associated with the financial instrument could not be confirmed.
    2. ◇  The transaction exceeds the card limit.
    3. ◇  The transaction was denied by the card issuer.

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