Project Introduction

Our HMI TFT LCD Display, featuring an 800x480 pixel resolution, is specifically tailored for Massage Chairs, boasting a user-friendly interface encompassing essential controls such as Massage Speed, Massage Width, Air Pressure, Roller Speed, Finger Technique, Zero Position Reset, Heating Function, Air Bag Activation, and Foot Massage.

Within the Seat Position Adjustment section, users can explore a diverse range of modes, allowing for precise customization including Backrest Up & Down adjustment, Calf Up & Down movement, and even Calf Extension for enhanced comfort and support.

The Massage Techniques module offers an array of therapeutic options, enabling users to select from Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Finger Pressure, Rubbing, and Rhythm modes, ensuring a personalized and effective massage experience.

The Mode Selection feature further enhances the versatility, presenting a suite of programs tailored to specific needs: Fatigue Recovery, Stretch Massage for muscle flexibility, Relaxation Massage for stress relief, Pain Relief, Health Preservation for overall wellbeing, Body Slimming to aid in weight management, and Mind Spa for mental rejuvenation.

Demo Video

Widgets Introduction

The project consists of 5 pages. The widgets include digital clock,icons,slide menu,variable buttons,multi-variable buttons,GIFs and more.

Project Download

GUI Demo for Massage Chair 800x480 (ZIP File 6.3M)