Project Introduction

This HMI TFT LCD Display, featuring a crisp 480x320 pixel resolution, is tailored specifically for the Soldering Gun. Its meticulously designed user interface (UI) encapsulates a wide array of essential functionalities, including seamless support for MMA and SPOOL GUN modes, comprehensive SETTINGS configurations, intuitive displays for both current and voltage readings, versatile MIG CO2 and MIG MIX welding capabilities, and a convenient language switching feature to cater to a global audience.

This comprehensive UI ensures a streamlined and efficient user experience, empowering operators to harness the full potential of their soldering gun with ease and precision.

Demo Video

Widgets Introduction

The project consists of 15 pages. The widgets include icons,variable buttons, multi-variable buttons, GIFs, and more.


Project Download

GUI Demo for Soldering Gun 480x320 (ZIP File 6.3M)